Are you looking for a durable material to use for arts and crafts? MDF (medium-density fiberboard) could be the answer. It’s a great material with lots of uses — you can paint it, sand it, stain it, or even cut it into small pieces to make jewelry. MDF is also often used in home construction because of its durability. In this article, you will learn about how long MDF will last in different applications, including architrave.

The Lifespan Of MDF Architrave Is 20 Years

The lifespan of the MDF architrave is 20 years. This means that you can expect it to last for over two decades, with minimal maintenance. This architrave can be painted with water-based paint and will withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about painting it every few years.

Other than that, this architrave is known to be lightweight and easy to install, making it a great choice for DIYers who want an affordable way to update their home’s interior design without hiring professionals.

MDF Architrave Can Be Painted With Water-Based Paint

This architrave can be painted with water-based paint. This means you can use it for decorative finishes like colour matching to your wall colour and varnishing.

This type of architrave will withstand the elements, so it’s ideal for outside use on your patio or balcony in areas where there is exposure to rain, sun, and wind. The surface of this special architrave is designed to be hard-wearing so it won’t crack or become damaged easily by weather conditions like these.

MDF Architrave Is Lightweight And Easy To Install

MDF architrave is lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it ideal for DIY projects. You can cut this type of architrave with a handsaw, or use a jigsaw if you prefer. Any excess material can be easily trimmed off with a bench sander or sandpaper.

Other than that, this type of architrave has been pre-primed at the factory so all you have to do is paint over it with water-based paint (such as emulsion).

MDF Architrave Is Made From Pressed Wood, Similar To Plywood

This architrave is made from pressed wood, similar to plywood. However, it’s much more durable than plywood and can be used for exterior and interior applications.

This architrave is both water-resistant and fire-resistant. It doesn’t expand or contract with moisture changes in your home’s environment as many other types of wood do. Lastly, this type of architrave is a great choice for those who want an affordable option that still looks high quality while providing durability over time.